Sigro’s Quality Management System is established in a Manual and a series of Quality Management procedures divided into Purchasing, Supply and Payment Management, Human Resources, Proposal Study, Post-Sale and Construction. In the latter, the most important construction processes and controls in a building are developed.

Sigro bases its quality management system on a Manual of previously established procedures and in complete accordance with the construction sequences according to the work program. Such Manual was prepared considering current experiences and international standards in construction matters, which in turn have a correlation with the prevailing technical manuals in Chile and with the Technical Specifications of each project. This quality management system is complemented and delivered in the different stages, both to the technical inspection of the work and to the client, thereby guaranteeing that the final product has passed through the different filters established for these purposes.

The most relevant aspect of our quality management system is that it allows us to generate continuous improvement, both in the development of our professionals, supervisors and subcontractors; analyzing their weaknesses and strengths; as in work procedures, through audits and managerial reviews.

With this, permanent feedback is achieved, which allows us to improve ourselves day by day and thus be more competitive and aligned with the interests of the client and the market.